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This History Section is in the early stages of development, so may initially appear somewhat disjointed as we gradually build up the database, so, please be patient with us.

While the site is in it's infancy, will contain, in numerical order where possible, a list of documents that relate to the History of Middleton Tyas. As the database grows, they will be grouped into more relevant sections.

Domesday Book extract from Victorian Country History, Yorkshire II

1660-1700 Inventories

1820 Survey of Farms belonging to George Hartley

1890 Extract from History, Topography and Directory of North Yorkshire, T Bulmer, 1890

Reference Material and Data Sources a list of reference material that has been used, or could be accessed to aid the History Society data collection.
North Yorkshire County Records Office , contains reference material to the records held at Malpass Road, Northallerton, DL7 8TB.
Tel. 01609 777 585, Fax. 01609 777 078, e-mail archives@northyorks.gov.uk
British History Online
Middleton Tyas Genealogical Records
A Vision of Britain Through Time
National Archives (1) National Archive website
National Archives(2) National Archive Records
Historic England
Francis Firth Middleton Tyas photos: [search term Middleton Tyas: in the memories section of this website are enquiries mentioning various past residents by name, and events]
West Yorkshire Archive Service
GENUKI UK and Ireland Genealogy NB Colin Hinson has copyright of loads of info. here - rather than our transcribing the data he has collected, he insists that we use links on our local history website, from ours to his site (transcription onto our site is of course illegal).
Copper Mining in Middleton Tyas, B.R. Hornshaw, NYCC Record Office Publication List, £7.50
Glossary of Terms used in Domesday Book

Progress Key: A=Awaiting C=Completed

  • Mining (A)
  • Quarries (A)
  • Lime Works (A)
  • Water (A)
  • Village Buildings (C)
  • Education (A)
  • Local Families (C)
  • Tithe Maps (C)
  • Field Systems (C)
  • Census (C)
  • Newspaper Clippings (C)
  • Village Features (C)
  • Churches (A)
  • Graveyards (A)
  • Monastic (A)
  • Private (A)
  • Monastic (A)
  • Roads (A)
  • Trackways (A)
  • Bridges (A)
  • WWI (A)
  • WWII (A)
  • Farming (A)
  • Timber (A)
  • Game (A)


  • Geology (A)
  • Floral (A)
  • Fauna (A)