Defibrillator Project

The defibrillator has been installed now and is fully functional. We have a group of local volunteers called VETS whose emergency telephone number is 01325 952800. In case of an emergency where you think you might need the defibrillator, ring 999 first and then ring 01325 952800 from any mobile or landline. Phones will automatically ring around the dozen or so volunteers and the first one to pick up will come to you, with the defibrillator if you have been unable to fetch it, and help you as much as they can. The VETS are providing a voluntary service and are not, as the ambulance service are, bound to respond to your call. VETS can help to provide interim help and care until the emergency services arrive. It is essential that you call 999 first.

'Fridge magnets and key fobs with this emergency number were made available to all residents in July 2017 as the final part of the Defibrillator Project set up and implemented by the Parish Council.